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CRONYNG MEXICANA is one of the largest industrial resin producers in Mexico, with a capacity of over 2,000 MT / Month.

Cronyng Mexicana was founded in 1989, as a result of a growing need for industrial resins for various applications. Strategically located in the Northeast Region of Mexico, two and a half hours away from the U.S Texas Border.

With an experienced R&D team, Cronyng Mexicana is able to develop tailored made solutions. We go beyond providing just a product, we understand our client’s business / operation and suggest if possible, better ways to do things.

Product lines offered:

  • Resins for Frac Sand Coating
    • Phenolic Novolak
  • Resins for Foundry applications
    • Phenolic Shell
    • No Bake Phenolic
    • No Bake Furanic
    • No Bake Urethane
    • No Bake Phenolic Alkaline
    • Cold Box Phenolic
    • Cold Box Urethane
    • Hot Box Furanic
    • Warm Box Furanic
  • Catalysts for Foundry applications
  • Resins for various Industrial applications (i.e. Friction, Abrasive)
    • Phenolic Novolak
    • Phenolic Resol

Our capacity and experience can meet additional products for other industries and/or applications.

For additional information about particular applications / products, feel free to write us: contacto@grupodyasa.com.